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Criminal Justice Issues

Poetic Justice: Offers restorative writing and creative arts programs to women who are incarcerated. Poetic Justice seeks to rewrite the narrative about women who are incarcerated by equipping them with tools for healing from trauma, showing the world their inherent worth, that they may be agents of change.

Still She Rises: Founded in North Tulsa, Still She Rises offers client-centered, innovative, and holistic legal representation to indigent mothers. We honor the dignity of the women we serve by championing our clients’ individual goals while also targeting systemic issues impacting the community.

Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform: A coalition of business and community leaders, law enforcement experts and advocates across the state working with legislators to create a fair and fiscally responsible criminal justice system. The coalition is committed to passing reforms in Oklahoma that will safely reduce Oklahoma’s prison population, save taxpayer dollars, reinvest in alternatives and keep families together.