True Blue Fellowship - True Blue Neighbors

True Blue Fellowship

The True Blue Service-Learning Fellowship is a springboard for innovative, collaborative engaged learning in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood. Through the generosity of the True Blue Neighbors Endowment, this grant supports faculty-submitted experiential learning projects which connect TU students with partner organizations and community leaders to address social issues and meet defined needs affecting the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood.

Fellowship selection criteria are based on the application. Projects incorporating a benefit to students/families at Kendall-Whittier Elementary and/or Will Rogers Jr/Sr High School are given preferential consideration.

TU Marketing may be scheduled for photographs at appropriate times during the project.

Fellowship Application Deadlines

March 1-31: Full academic year ($2,500) or Fall semester ($1,250) project stipend

October 1-31: Spring semester ($1,250) project stipend


Landscape Analysis: Summarize the background for your idea, the community needs you will address, and any existing data points related to your project.

Objective: Describe your objective and any short or long-term associated goals.

Resources/Alliances: List any campus or community organizations you will collaborate or partner with on the project.

Measuring Impact: Describe any quantitative or qualitative metrics you will use to measure the impact on the defined community need.

End of Project

Presentation of project True Blue Neighbors, Office of Integrated and Experiential Learning, or other related University office to report on the project, related research, and impact.

Reflection questions: 

  • What was the most successful aspect of the project?
  • What were the biggest barriers to project implementation?
  • Are there any volunteer, advocacy, or policy opportunities identified through your project that that would further a positive impact? 

Provide a summary quote, blog, or short video for promotion on True Blue Neighbors and other university websites and social media accounts.

Please contact Melissa Abdo at or with any questions.